Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cross your fingers, cross your legs, but your cross toe's??????

Who knew?  There is actually a condition called Cross Toe's.  It sounds like no big deal.  If my toes were crossing, I probably would get a giggle.  But when you child has a disease that involves inflammation and has damaging side effects, it tends not to get a giggle.

I trust the Lord.  I trust my parents.  I trust my sisters.  I trust my fish.  I mostly trust my wonderful husband.  I mostly trust my children.   I don't trust myself.  At the age of 35, I am still learning about me.  What a wonderful thing.  I have been looking at Gary's toe's for 6 maybe 8 months now.  Something didn't seem right to me. I couldn't point it out or say, "hey look, that doesn't look right."   You know, come to think of it, I do remember once or even twice mentioning it but was told, "looks fine to me".   So on my way to deal with everything else that is loaded into our pipe.  (Yeah, that's right, I gotta pipe, so do you, metaphorically speaking of course).  The past few months Gary has been getting foot cramps.  Everyone gets foot cramps.  My daughter gets them.  I get them.  For the past two weeks, Gary came down with a case of athletics feet.  We have been putting anti-itch cream on his feet.  It keeps him up at night.  It seems to be getting better.  The past couple days, Daddy and I noticed his big toe is starting to pull over.  His second toe is resting on top of his big toe.  It is only happening when his foot is at rest.  Although  I saw the toe's crossing when he was standing on it.  He doesn't complain about it.  It doesn't seem to hurt.  I went on-line to look it up.  See if it is something we needed to have checked out.    After reading, the causes kind of made me think, "wait a minute."   Inflammation, muscle weakness, shoe's, destruction of a joint, tight calf muscle's, ect,.   I went ahead and called rheumatology.  They said, "yeah yeah, we will take a look at it when you come in next."  Ok.   Oh. Wait.  No.  The websites say no to let it go, because it could stay that way.  It can be corrected with shoe's and other means of manipulation.  If you let it go, surgical correction may be necessary.   Hmmm. So I am not going to call 911 over toes but still.   When I noticed something funny, I did consider calcinosis in the joint.  He has widespread calcinosis so it is possible.  I consulted with my JM Mom's and sure enough there is a Mom who posted right back to me, who said, "weird your posting about his, Rachel's toe's are doing the same thing.  She also has calcinosis in her legs and feet".   The calcinosis on the back of Gary's knee's have increased.  It makes it look like his knees are turning in.  I suppose we will keep an eye on that part.  But until it effects the mechanics of walking, there isn't much to do.  You get to wait and see.  That is so fun.  *I am fluent in sarcasm*  He has been complaining here and there about his ankles.  First thing in the morning and once in a while randomly.  His ankles have been an on and off issue for awhile now as well.  I think we have even had an x-ray done I think at one time.  Months ago.  So don't worry.  I didn't stop there.  I called his pediatrician.  See if he had any input.  So we will see.

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Today is the ratioathon for Children's.  I remember last year sitting in the cafeteria listening to them.  

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  1. You go momma, you keep on them til they give you an answer to ease your mind and heart! Sometimes you have to keep on these Dr.'s since we know our bodies/babies better than they do, we knw when something isn't right! I am so sorry bout his toes, hmmm I haven't heard of cross foot has been killing me as of late, had an xray just got the results back and I have joint narrowing, bone rubbing, DM/RA/osteoarthritis in my foot pretty bad and now they are checking to see what the pain is under my rib cage...

    I hope all gets answered and Gary starts feeling I have a horn too LOL and girl I have learned to blow it hard...hahaha