Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Again

Just last night has we sat in the parking lot of a walk in clinic for Daddy who has a nasty nasty case of bronchitis, I was sitting there thinking I was glad the Rituxan seemed to stop the weird bouts of tummy bugs or what we thought was a bug.  I thought to soon.  Hours later, as if Gary's was trying to tap into my maternal conscious to tell me he was going to throw up all over my bed last night.  I got the wrong sub conscious message.  I am so very tired of everyone being sick.  Elexis had a run in with fifths disease.  Turns out she came down with  pneumonia.  Daddy has been hacking and I truly can't remember what he even looks like because he is always in bed.  He even stayed home from work today and he never does that.  I have managed to not pick up anything I don't recover from quickly.  I am sure my turn in coming but I plan to keep battling back with running to  "run away" from the germs.  I have been bathing the house in bleach.  I will continue the great germ fight.   So back to the barf.

Nov. 13
Nov. 16
Dec. 9
Jan. 10

Stomach cramps and vomiting.  Nothing from down under however this time.  Just bad tummy cramps.  What is odd is that Gary isn't in preschool.  I know the kids go to school and can bring stuff home but wouldn't they bring has in getting it first, then passing it to him?  The dates are all around the same time of the month.  I got it!  It's menstral.  Oppp, three year old boy, not possible I guess.  Huuuummmmm.  Allergies to food.  Well lets see yesterday he had mixed nuts, blue berries, celery, peanut butter, a small snicker bar (nicka bah), refried beans, brown rice, corn chips.   I do not recall what he ate the other dates,  but for documenting purposes I will start for the next time it happens.  I suppose I should keep a daily food journal.  Now, I could call the rheumatologist and let them know it happened again.  I don't think it is necessary just yet.  If he didn't recover so quickly (by morning), I would be more concerned.  But since he woke up and asked for a tuna fish sandwhich and hot cocoa, then I would worry more.  But then again, that makes me worry more because if it was a viral thing he would take longer to recover.  It clearly is his stomach cramping.  Because he cries and tosses and turns, then barfs, repeat throughout the night.  I really don't want him to have some invasive test that won't show anything.


  1. Ugghhh! Hope your family gets better soon!! I feel for you! <3

  2. Love your new blog look! Sorry to hear the fam has the sickies and so does Gary! Maybe he is just extra sensitive to picking up stuff on Rituxan I know I am my immune system is almost non existant right now or it could be nausea from the meds I have been having that too....goodness how I wish we were in Remission.....

    love ya