Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year: Dodging sickness

We have seen the pediatrician more than once this week.  Gary came down with thrush.  Rheumatology said to take him to his regular pediatrician, whom I love!  Then Elexis was in last night.  We had separated Elexis and Gary because Lexi was exposed to Fifth's disease.  I mentioned this to our doctor.  He advised if it was possible to keep them far apart.  So Lexi has missed a whole week of school.  She stayed with her Aunt and Uncle a few days but starting getting worse.  We were concerned she was showing signs of getting Fifths disease, but it actually was walking pneumonia.  Now she is under quarantine in her room.  They put her on a mean antibiotic and an inhaler.  Of course when you tell her three old brother to not go in her room, opposite day is in effect.

So this is what calcinosis looks like.  It only hurts if it is bumped or if he is putting on a jacket.  It was funny he let pediatrician mess with it.  He was strangely cooperative for him.  He is getting more on his bottom around his tail bone.   I don't post these to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  I do it to show other families what to look for and to document.  I wonder if this was actually a molluscum until I got onto another families site.  It look exactly like their daughters calcinosis.


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  1. I Ericka,
    Sorry to here your little Gary and your little Elexis are sick! Hope they get well soon! What is fifth disease? I have never heard of it! I betcha it is hard to keep a little boy out of his sissy's room, boys love to tourment there sissy's LOL...I have a younger brother who loved to tourment me , hey wait he still does....LOL

    Ooooh that is def calcinosis....