Thursday, January 27, 2011

IVIG Infusion January is in the Books

View downsized...jpg in slide showGary is doing good.  We had our infusion yesterday at the Seattle Campus at Children's.  I went ahead and tried the sedation again,  one more time.  I was curious to see how it went.  He slept.  A lot.  Lately, sleeping as not been something he does a lot of.  So when the lorazapam hit me, it worked well.  We slept thru the whole iv prep.  We thought we were about to get an iv while he slept but as soon as it hit the skin, he woke up.  Unfortunatley I didn't have a good hold of him.  Our nurse, SUPER GREAT but pregnant with twins due next week.  Hello?  She tried but she was challenged with size.  The size of herself that is.  He jerked back pulled the iv out then it quickly went in for a 1-2 poke.  It was a no go.  The nurse went past the vein because he was jerking back and forth.  We tried the other hand, nothing.  She finally got it in the crook of his arm.  I thought about it afterwards.  How would I like to wake up to someone poking a giant needle in the back of my hand.  Well,  I wouldn't, and would most likely be pretty ticked off.  So after 3 or 4 pokes if you count the first poke as two, we were rolling.  He went into a coma.  He slept through the whole infusion.  It went smoothly.  Woke up hungry, and grumpy.  On the way home, he had a serious chocolate fit.  MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE.  I actually had to stop and get some.  He deserved it.   His labs look great.  His clinic appointment is Feb 8th.  His hoarse voice issue seems to be backing off.  His thrush is getting better but very slowly.  The nurse said I should check back with the pediatrician because we have been treating it since Jan. 4th.  It is better however, so in the next few days if it doesn't improve further, I will give him a call.  He did say at his appointment however, 'as long as it takes'.  Gary does have a cough that returned but I don't think it is really serious.  Post nasal drip and a cough.  The calcinosis on his arm has changed.  It is less angry and going down but I am not sure what to expect or what it even means when it does that so we shall see.

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