Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

What a year!  I can say it was full of blessings.  We are looking forward to this year as well.  Christmas was wonderful.   I mean I must have been a really good girl!  We had our infusion a couple days after Christmas.  It went good.  We got our own room because Gary has had a cough for awhile.  Poor guy had to have a nasal swab,  and chest xray to check for viruses, ect,.  He was in the clear, but at least it got us our own room.  The nasal swab was pretty bad.   They stick a small tube to suck out mucus from your sinuses.    Ouch.  Gary responds very well to the Rituxan.  He looks beautiful.  He does have a calcification that is coming thru his arm.  It started several days ago.  As long as we don't accidentally touch it, its ok.  I hope the rest of it doesn't start doing that.  That will be tough.  I can't believe in 3 months Gary will be 4 years old.  He is turning into such a boy.  I am so grateful for God's protection and blessings he gives us.  This year we are looking forward to stepping closer to remission. 

Pictures from Christmas

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