Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just Waiting

So we are just sitting back waiting to here from the hospital when they want us to come in for Rituxan.  I am guessing it will be Fridayish.  Gary is doing just fine.  His slight inflammation has quieted down and his mood has returned to being more pleasant.  We had labs yesterday.  He got the finger poke.  This time it took hours for it to stop bleeding.  No biggie really, I mean for me.  Well I do have to battle him keeping it wrapped up but he is the one that has to deal with blood.  For a three year old, it can be a big deal.   If you ask Gary to demonstrate his impression of what it is like to get an IV placed, its pretty funny.   He mainly uses motions and facial expressions and sounds.  "Day take it and eeeerrrrrrrruuuuugghhhh", he motions to his hand as if he is holding a large kitchen doing a big stabbing motion.  "Den I doe,   AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, and I try (cry),".    I think it is so funny and sad at the same time.   I do think of still having a port or pic line put it but since the weight has come back off, he is an easy poke.  It is a one time poke.  We have not had to try and try again in so long.

Birthday Blog

Our birthday blog is coming up!  So in celebration we ordered what helped get us thru the beginning of this disease.  Yes, I have lost count how many times I have seen it.  It has, however, been awhile.  Gary has moved on to Caillou and other cartoons.  We wore our last copy out.  To be honest I am not sure where it even is now.  So I ordered a brand new copy.  Happy Birthday Blog.    Any excuse for a present, right? We are also approaching our 1 year anniversary of Diagnosis Day.  Yes!  Another excuse for a  present : ). 


  1. So ya'll think Friday-ish huh, that's when I am to start my new med! Did you get my e-mail? I was having trouble sending it through? I put the meds I am gonna be on and answered your questions so I was just wondering if ya got it....you know me a little dingy about the email/blog thing ha!

    I will be keeping Gary in my prayers! He is just such a little cutie! I love his explaining of iv's that is so how I would explain it ha!

    We love us some Nemo it is a staple in our house and thank you for the idea of a present when you have the anniversay date of this disease....um mine is like next mth hey Greg LOL....

    He always buys me a Pandora Charm everytime he jabs me with a needle well he did the first 5 times til he realized I may or may not of been screaming a little harder when I realized what he would buy me....ha!

    loves ya
    SUmmer ;0)

  2. I love it! If you ask Kya about the needles or an IV she just says I scream and scream! Isn't it amazing that they know exactly what they are doing. Kya's is completely premeditated. But, if that helps her realease tension. I say just scream! I may start screaming with her! We will be praying for you and Gary as you start this new treatment! Hang in there mama tiger!