Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Bleeding Posts

I am doing a lot of posts huh : )  Well I just couldn't resist and not share are drama.  So a few hours ago Gary floated down from his benadryl dream.  He woke up hungry like a wolf!  He was ravinous.  Somehow, the intern doctor thought it would be cute to write orders for a liquid diet.  His dinner was broth, yogart, and juice.  Mmmmmm.  I don't think so.  Have a ever shared with you what a different person I am around my sisters?  I maintain being polite but drop subtle death threats.   "Yeah, find out why she wrote orders for a liquid diet.  Someone is gonna get it."  I heard the nurse walk back to the nurse station and say, "that mom in there is threatening me."   I called after her, "no I'm not!".  It was all in good fun and we were all giggling but......not.   I order Gary a pizza because he was truly that deseparate.  I had read it either kills your appetite or turns it up.  Guess we know which one.   He ate three large slices of cheese pizza from Papa Johns.  I was impressed.  We had to cut him offf in fear of it all coming back up.

So one of the CNA's asked my sister to move out of the bed so she could get Gary's vitals.  Sounds like no big deal I know, but I didn't like it.  I have been coming here for a year now.  At least once a month for over night stays ect,.  NEVER have the nurses asked me to move.  They have always been extremely polite and maintain that comfort barrier.  They always do vitals around the patient.  All of there instraments reach just fine in every direction.  I know I must be in a mood but, no.  No that is not ok.  He was snuggling with his Auntie which was keeping him calm.  I sound like a horrid pain in the neck, but I was at least nice about it.  I talked to the main nurse about it.  Asked her nicely to talk to her assistant.  Besides, I got mine back.

So soon after my chat with the nurse Gary decided he needed to go potty for the 32nd time.  I carefully lifted him out of bed.  We do business in a urinal so they can measure.  While in the middle of said business, a beautiful crimson poka dot pattern began to form on the floor.  In slight terror I recognized what it was.  Blood dripping from some where.  I panicked slightly but gained control.  My greatest fear was that it was coming from the place where we were conducting business.  That was still in the plastic urinal.  Relief one.   I went the next logical place.  The nose.  Relief two.  I still could not find it.  Out of the corner of my eye I finally saw it.  The floor was getting pretty colorful at this point.  It was coming from his IV.  The nurse had to use more than one access.  One for normal saline, the other for Rituxan.  So it was a two for one kind of IV.  Anyway, that med port access had came off!  It had slipped off so the Rituxan was running on the floor.  After I just got done chewing them out for silly indiscretions, I need them.  Funny how that works.  I am not sure if it was because we took his hospital gown off because he was hot and let it hang on the iv pole which put weight on the tubing which pulled it off.  Or the nurse did not put it on tight enough to begin with.  No matter.  We all worked quickly to clamp it off, turn the Rituxan off, and do damage control.  BAD   bad is now that he had missed some off the medicine because it ran onto the floor.  Really BAD pharmacy would have to mix a whole new batch if they wanted him to have the small amount.  Everything else like the tubing could be replaced because it was considered contaminated from being on the floor.  We all held our breath as the nurse called the pharmacy.  If the answer was he needed it would have meant a very costly accident had happened.  I don't even want to think about  how much the Rituxan is.  The news was good.  The pharmacy said its fine.  The amount that went on the floor was very little.  Can I get a praise God thank you Jesus! 

It is currently 1am.  My baby sister came with me today which always makes this whole thing waaayyy better.  We are bound and determined to not sleep over.  The infusion has finally ended.  We started it at 3pm.  They are asking us to stay for another two hours for observation.  The "team" wants to make sure he doesn't have any further reactions.  The nurse on the day shift noticed his face was slightly swollen.  His lips are a bit swollen as well.  We have had issue with puffiness all week.  I really don't think it is from the Rituxan.  I will humor them and play it safe.  Fine, we will leave at three am. 

Good luck with your infusion Summer!  Praying for you as well! 


  1. Good Grief! It always amazes me how you can go to the SAME hospital and do the exact same things for um hello a year and then you get a new group of nurses who like to change the program which equals not happy when you are already going through alot! Geezy Peezy what in the what what were they thinking giving him a liquid diet? Oh wait they weren't thinking ha ha!! I am glad you ordered your trooper a pizza....girl these meds do make you hungry at night sometimes after one of my big meds I wake up and roam the Kitchen for chocolate ha! Greg and I joke about this all the time sweets aren't safe when I'm on the loose! he he he

    I cannot believe they made a issue over your sis laying with him that is just silly! They can so do vitals with her laying there! They let Greg lay with me and do mine all the time and when Kelcee had the flu and they had to keep her for the day when she was 2 they let me lay with her HELLO they were just being difficult! I would have asked for a new nurse it a sarcastic subtle way hahahahah.....girlie our humor sounds so much alike it isn't funny!

    I am so glad they didn't have to mix up more medicine and that they did damage control quick! Let me knw how his swelling is doing....

    You know ya'll are always in my prayers, sorry this is a book....thanks for your sweet prayers for me

    love you

  2. You hang in there Erika! We're thinking about you and praying for your family in Wisconsin! Finding the humor while in an aweful hospital room is what got us thru as well...I know you know this, but don't ever feel you need to justify things that you ask hospital staff to do, your little man needs you to do that :) Take care!