Saturday, May 15, 2010

Full Throttle

Oooohhh my goodness.


Constant, go go go go go go go.  I really don't think he was ready for another steroid pulse.  His energy is relentless.  Unfortunately, unlike most three year olds, it tends to catch up with him.  With the nice weather as an additive to super hero like qualities, (not to mention the many many layers of 70 sunblock), his ankles seem to be acting up a bit.  I tried to get him to wrap them up in ace bandages to give him some extra support.  I cut it in half to make it sized to fit him.  That did not go over well.  He wanted no part of that.  He kept falling though and has a Frankenstein step going on.  He loves to full on run.  An ace bandage gets in the way of that.    I am not overly concerned about it right now.  On top on his energy he has been in one I'll-get-out-go bad moods for the past 2 days.  Tantrum after tantrum after tantrum.  Either he is over doing it but fails to stop because he is a three year old or I don't know.  I say I don't know because I of course fear the worse.  I can come up with one hundred million things I fear he is in a bad mood.  But then you drop the mother act.  Go with logic.  Sometimes you just in a bad mood.  I also have another theory.  Tale end of terrible two's?  At the peak of terrible two's is when he had a lot muscle weakness.  He has some making up to do.  I can remember back to last year when he would try to throw a tantrum.  He would involuntarily end up on the floor because his muscles could not support the motion of a tantrum.  Then he would get stuck on the floor unable to get up.  So yay to these tantrums?  Be thankful he can have them?  I think not.  Nice try though.  We go in Thursday for our second dose of Rituxan and IVIG which means we won't be able to pull off the a day stay.  That will put us in for the night.  And another lovely dose of steroids.

Happy Birthday to McGuire

I missed my oldest's Happy Birthday Blog wish : ( !  We celebrated on Mother's Day.  McGuire is 11 now.  Happy Birthday to my first, most special boy.  I love you McGuire.  I love your passion and kindness.  All the other stuff we will figure out and get through.  I couldn't ask for a better son.  Keep up all the great work.  Keep trying with all your heart.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  (PS You had a big head which made your birth difficult).  LOL   I will always remind him of this.  I do not wonder why he rolls his eyes at me.  I would roll my eyes at me too if that is possible.


  1. Geezy Peezy when I was reading the Full Throttle title I had to chuckle cause that is what the hubs says to me when they pulse me with steroids I go 100 miles a minute and talk like that too! LOL

    I can only imagine a 3 year old my goodness cause they are already full throttle or at least Kelcee is so I betcha you are one tired momma at the end of the day!

    You are such a great momma you can't help but wonder what if....You are the bestest advocate for Gary and I think it is awesome you stay on top of things!

    Happy B-Day to McGuire love that name BTW, he is a cutie!

    You made me laugh right out loud that you remind him that his head was big and his birth was difficult! That is so funny!

    I took my med last night, injection so far no reactions! I am super sick to my stomach though!!

    Have a great day
    Summer :0)

  2. Hooray for steroids! We loved uncontrollable energy! LOL I remember telling Kya's doctor I need some of what she has or we are going to have to do something else because our schedules are not meshing!!! Oh and the steroid tantrums! We could throw them with the best. It is truly the steroids. Believe it or not Kya is living proof. I also talked to several adults who were on them and they said they just make them want to do it also! So we lived through them and I would just try to hug her or completely ignore her when they happened. One time during a steroid fit in line at Sams Club right after an infusion a man popped off and said if that were his child he would spank her butt! Needless to say "Mama Tiger" let out her claws and asked him if he had ever sat in the infusion room at Children's hospital for 6 hours with a 2 year old who has a needle in her chest getting medicine to save her life? When he said No I told him when he had he could then tell me what to do with a child on more steroids than what he could ever possibly imagine! He and the rest of the people around me shut up and let her throw her fit! I learned really quickly that was the bst way to deal with tantrums and on lookers with advice!

    I am glad that he is up running around and wearing you out. That is the best news! Hang in there and I will pray for your overnight! You are a super Mama Tiger!

  3. I love you guys! I always look forward to your input and your super sweet encouragement.

    Summer, sorry about your tummy not feeling good and the ulcer on the top of your mouth. Ouchy honey!

    Kalee, I really enjoyed your story about informing the gentleman about steroid tantrums. You so totally rock! The best part is that I can hear you and see you saying it. I love my Mama Tiger soul sister!

  4. Ericka thank you for your oh so sweet oh so funny comment today! Put a great big smile on my face and I had to laugh right out loud! Wish I was that cleaver to say that to that lady I am so gonna use the Psssh whatever next time LOL....

    How is Gary doing?