Friday, September 3, 2010


Thank you to everyone for your nice comments.  Thank you Summer for giving us a blog hug by posting about Gary.  Your the best.  You are important to me!

Gary is doing better.  The IV steroids made him a new boy.  As yesterday when on, he was less and less cranky.  He really enjoys playing with the neighbor children.  I would say children in general but that is not true.  There is something about our neighbor kids he is so very attached too.  They were over for ice cream last night watching that show where contestants complete obstacle courses.  The discomfort of the calcinosis has subsided thanks to the steroids.  Honestly, you would never know that kid was in the hospital for two days.   Thank you to everyone again for your well wishes.  We go in for labs in about a week.

Labor day weekend is here!  We are hoping to get away for a overnight camping trip with the family.  I am excited to get away and spend time with the kids.  It rattles our family when kids come home and Mom's not there for two days with no discussion.  In the middle of adjusting to school, I think we all feel not sad but just worn.  Hopefully this weekend will get everything back in line again.  I was so pooped yesterday, my insides just quiver'd!  Running was passed on to say the least.  May be just what I need though.  Hopefully I can get some running in this weekend.


This is my friend Jack.  I was contacted by Tracie Jenkins, one of his team members.  They asked for me to share my experiences at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Jack is walking home from Jacksonville, FL.  He is raising money for Children's.  Jack is nearly at end of his journey.  He emailed me while we were at the hospital.  He was in Leavenworth, WA.  His walk is due to end September 10th.  I am very honor and excited to be able to witness all this.  It is so inspiring.   Jack is featuring 10 families on his blog.  He is 
highlighting their experiences.  Gary will be featured as well.   When I returned his email, I told him I was proud of him.  You knew you could be completely proud of a stranger.  Here is his blog:  CLICK HERE
I invite you to follow his journey along with me.  He is also taking donations that go to Children's.  Pretty incredible stuff!


Sorry I have delayed this announcement but CURE JM won the Pepsi Refresh 250,000 GRANT. Thank you  to all my family and friends for putting up with my constant bugging for VOTES.  But it worked.  It was most definitely odd when I cast my final votes for Cure JM and then suddenly headed off to the emergency room.  My sister brought her lap top down so we could keep track.  We didn't get it set up until late in the evening.  So sleeping on the hospital couch, with an achy back and my baby hooked up to and IV, I found out we won.  Aahhhhh.  It was relieving.


The Cure JM Concert in Hillsboro, OR is coming up September 11th.  I am so excited.  I emailed Mason's Mom, our JDM buddy, while at the hospital to say I would be so disappointed if we have to miss it.  But with things looking better we will indeed be making the trip down.  Anyone and everyone is invited.  The Saases, Pritchows, and Luddington's are all going.  Email me at if you want to join us.  It will be amazing!  Last years was great.  Featured this year, Blake Lewis from American Idol.  Returning is Jessica Lerner and Savannah Outen.    You can buy tickets on line. CLICK HERE

Here is the OREGON Crew who represents!


  1. Hi Erika, this is StephJDMsurvivor for the Cure JM board. I'm praying for Gary and hope things get better for him soon! Hugs!

  2. hey pretty girl,
    I am glad little gary is feeling better....he is such a trooper.... that is awesome that guy is running for the kids for children's awesome....that concert sounds amazing and you know how much I support the cause..... I wish I lived closer I would totally go to the concert....

    praying for you always
    Summer :0)