Tuesday, September 14, 2010


What a great weekend. It was blue skies for the drive down. We took our smaller car for better gas mileage. Sure its like sticking a cat, a dog, and a bird together in the back seat, but we cope. Our beautiful daughter brought along her little recorder (flute). So at one point they were fighting with some back ground flute music. My husband and I exchanged glances. The eyes they say, "I love you" in a more sarcastic way mind you. Like, "yay, look what we made." At the same time it triggers joy and happiness. This is my family. Anyway, on with the journey. We met up with Uncle Ray and Aunt Amy for the drive down. Everything went smoothly. We got checked into our hotel then proceeded directly to the concert. We meeted and greeted. We immediately ran into Grandma Bradford and Uncle Bill. I loved seeing my family there. Next we found the Smedley's. We are big fans! Big fans of the whole Smedley Clan. I couldn't wait to lay eyes on Aunt Heather and Mason's Mom Kristen. We were all very excited to get our new Cure JM shirts. I planned on pink but they were out. Gary seemed a little run down. But his three year old energy doesn't let him be down.

Blake Lewis was amazing. We really enjoyed his performance.  As well as the others.  I wish we would have been able to participate in the dinner the night before, but we were beyond our budget as it was.  It was such a fun incredible weekend.  I wish I could go back and do it again.  My only disappointment was that it wasn't long enough.

We met a JDM family that was in Austin.  I don't think we got to meet in Austin but we did at the concert.  I could have talked to them for hours!  I would have if I was allowed.  We had to head back over to the hotel to get the kids set up with dinner so we could go to the drink for the cure.

Me and my brother-in-law!
Grandma Bradford came with us which was sooo much fun.  We had some appetizers and beer.  It was so much fun.
My mother-in-law and sister
Cure JM Hero, Mason Smedley.  Mason seemed uncomfortable until he caught the eyes of his parents in the crowd who were standing right behind me.  You could feel Mason melt with relief.  It was magical.  Truly amazing parents.


  1. Erika, glad you had fun. Mason touches my heartstrings as does (as you know) sweet Gary.What a wonderful gift all of the people involved get to have in knowing you, because you offer Comfort, advice and Im sure are a great shoulder to cry on when needed. Stay strong MaMa Bear, you enlighten us all by sharing your stories. And BTW,I know EXACTLY which look you are talking about when it comes to the hubby about our WONDERFUL children! :) xo Kelle'

  2. Ericka,
    I loved your visual of the car ride up like putting a dog, bird and cat in the back seat LOL that is funny glad you survived it hahahha

    The concert sounded so fun...I love Blake Lewis he was my fav on AI....I bet he rocked it....how sweet they brought Mason on stage....did they bring Gary up there too?? I will have to go to a concert for JM hey maybe we will meet....

    I wanted to tell ya I talked with JHU tuesday and they said my disease is still blazing and the meds aren't holding it and they are scared it is going to keep getting worse so we do have to start Infusions and they are leaning towards Rituxan and I prayed about it and if it helps I am all for it I just can't think about the 1% stuff because I have 99% on my side....I asked them if I could start it after Kelcee's bday and they said that would be fine....

    Summer ;0)