Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Today is the first day of school here in the Bradford Household. I can hardly believe it. It went by very fast. This week we went on an overnight camping trip up in the mountains. It was a lot of fun. Uncle Ray and Aunt Amy came along. Dad had to stay home. He missed us very much. Gary had a whole lot of fun. He loves being with the family. He was a little whiny at 2am but did just fine. None of us wanted to come home.  We had fun playing pancake tag.  A leftover pancake became victim to being tossed on to the others car windshield. The kids took great delight in trying to toss it and driving away quickly so Auntie and Uncle didn't have time to get it back on our windshield.  This game took place during frequent potty breaks which were frequent thanks to Gary.
Roasting marsh mellow's over a propane stove due to a fire ban.

This week starts the biggest taper yet. Every other day of 1ml of prednisone. Still holding at level "Good" . He is also adjusting better to the new medicine they started him on for the molluscum. It seems to be having an effect. They at least look better. The constant potty was getting a little tiresome. Especially while we were camping. But it seems to have finally subsided.

I have no comment. Just stay put. Stay under his skin and go away on your own and I will be happy. I just had him in my lap. He want to bend backwards to be silly and hang upside down. In the light you can see the calcinosis throughout his chest, in his neck area. There seems to be more in his groin area. So much for having no comment. As long as it doesn't bother him. OK it bothers me, what can I do.
It is hard to see, but I put a little black pointer right over it.  

We have a new member to the family. I can't believe I am about to type this but we have a dog. I am not a dog person per say, but this one is pretty different from the rest. Her name is Nikki. She is a Asian Akita Mix Blonde Fox looking dog. LOL She is six years old. Her owner recently past (my brother-in-laws father). We spent a little time with her and decided to give her a home. She seems perfect. She listens well, doesn't park much, and is house broken. Perfect. She loves to play catch. She runs and catches frisbee's and ball's mid air. She seems to be patient with Gary so its so far so good.

Nicky and Elexis on her first day of school.

Gary's wish has been put on hold. We found out in order to put up the sun protected play set, we need permits from the city. Tap tap tap. *Shrugs* To be continued.........

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  1. Hey pretty girl
    Sorry it has taken me a few days to comment I have been feeling so crummy when Kelcee naps I do to so it leaves me no time to blog! that camping trip sounds so fun, I wish I was there to play pancake toss hahahaha sounds so fun :0)

    I saw the calcinosis right away but I know what to look for since I have had it....mine eventually disapated with meds so I will pray his does to....I will tell ya mine didn't hurt at all so maybe it will ease your mind a little to know it isn't real painful unless touched the wrong way

    Your princess is just the new cute
    thanks for all your support

    love ya