Monday, August 23, 2010

1 More Week of Taper, Then Even Lower

We had a great weekend.  Uncle Bill took Gary to see Toy Story 3 on Friday.  He liked it.  He is not a big movie theater fan but when Mommie's not there, Uncle Bill can get him to do just about anything.  Mommie went shopping with Auntie.  Dad, brother, and sister went down to OR to celebrate with there big brothers birthday.  So we were all separated for the evening.  Everyone went to bed late.  Gary woke up around midnight however to tell me he went to see Toy Story.  I made sure I had Buzz and Woody laying next to him when he woke up.  We woke up early the next morning for run a 8k in the next 2 towns over.  This was the kids first race.  They did well.  I was proud of them.  It was completely crazy getting there.  Daddy had to go rescue Uncle Bill in the opposite direction because of locked keys in his car so they were late.  This meant I had to start the race with the kids at there pace.  We met up at mile 1 so Mom could take off running.  It was fun.  Gary rode in the stroller with Dad pushing.  I will update my running blog later.

Picture left to right:  McGuire, Elexis, Kapri, Gary, and Preston.
Running for Cure JM
(I officially named it the Cure JM Tour)

Gary Update and  The Great Taper

We are right in the middle of rocking 1/2 ml and 1 ml back and forth each day.  So 1/2 ml one day, full ml the next and then back to 1/2ml.  It's going ok.  He looks funny.   Not clear like he was before we started the great taper.  His face looks funny to me.  Like swollen and blotchy I guess.  It could be getting up early that morning.  He also started a new med for his molluscum.  That caused diarrhea.  So we cut the dose in half.  He overall has been in a kind of bad mood.  Yesterday I gave him his med's on an empty stomach.  One your are suppose to, one you are not.  He ended up throwing them up all over the car.  He looked so pale the rest of the day.  He was still running around though so we just kept our eye on him.  He was pretty white after that vomit.  I had been giving the new medicine spaced at least an hour before or after the cell cept.  I forgot to do that.  Woooops.    The calcinosis I decided to stop looking for it.  I will monitor it but I won't go searching for it.  It drives me crazy.  

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  1. Ericka,
    How awesome the kiddos ran in the race and Gary got to be in the race too!! He is such a cutie patootie!! Love that group shot picture!!

    Wow that is awesome that he is handling the taper so well!! Keep your pom poms way up girlie...this is fantastic news eeeeeeeeeeeeek

    Oh and try not to worry yourself sick over the calcinosis I know it is hard but I do believe that it will fade with like you said just keep monitor of are such a great mommy

    love ya