Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back in the News: Calcinosis

That was quick.  I just wrote about this Wednesday.  As reported on Wednesday the doctor was pretty certain he had some calcinosis.  Right above his hip and across his chest.  I am a "outta sight outta mind" kind of person.  I know, that is a weird juvenile stance to take on it but simple.  Yesterday we went to help Auntie and Uncle paint there house.   Gary paints in his underpants to avoid getting paint on his clothes.  There it was, on his chest.  You can seen a "lump" coming through on his chest.  It is colorless, but most definitely raised.  The best part is it wasn't there the on Tuesday when we were at the doctor.  I stated that I didn't mind it as long as it didn't come thru the skin.  I did want to cry for second when I saw it.  But I don't want to get the kids upset, the family, or Gary.  So I just pushed it off in my mind.  Just paint.  We will just have to deal with it.  I wasn't feeling to great after his infusion on Tuesday either.  His face and eyes were swollen and red.  But that finally started to subside. He is the best little boy.  He is fun loving.  Going thru the "I hate you" stages.  It drives the other kids crazy.  But he knows it pushes buttons.  He loves to throw out a "I hate you" with a delightful tone.  I am not going to discipline him for it because I know he will grow out of it.  Some Mom's wouldn't agree.  That's ok.  There are things other Mom's do that I don't agree with.   Oh well. : )   Think I will go run these emotions out.

My friend Summer is about to start Rituxan.   It is the same medicine Gary started.  Sending prayers your way Summer.  


  1. Wow we think alot alike, I approach things with DM out of sight out of mind as well, I guess it is our defense mechanism and a way to not let the kiddos know we are upset....I do this alot when I notice things with me and Kelcee is around....I try not to let it bother me until she is napping, you are such a great mom, Gary is so lucky to have you....So I will be praying extra hard the Calcinosis subsides and goes away quick quick! I have some on my fingers and hands....blech....

    You are to kind to send prayers my way thank you....did you get my email? They talked with IVIG specialists and they have a home health clinic set to come to our home but they want to revisit an injection I had tried before they do it....They put a hold on the Rituxan for me since they can't determine how much Lupus qualities I have and it runs a great risk....

    Thank you so much for always being here for me....know I am always here for you and sweet presh Gary as well....


  2. I am so sorry he and you are dealing with Calcinosis. I will be praying extra hard for him. He is a tough little guy! Don't you love the "I hate you" stage. It would break Kaysa's heart when Kya would tell her that. So I just told Kaysa to tell her well I love you very much and I always will! It made her feel better. Kya would also throw in there "You are ruining my life forever!" Gotta love that when you are busting your tail to save their life. But this to shall pass. We don't hear it as often now, but every now and then she will throw it around to try and get her way. We all just tell her that we are sorry she feels that way but we love her!

    You are a truly an awesome mom and an inspiration. Hang in there mama tiger!