Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was our infusion.  Gary went to bed last night in a bad mood.  Woke up in a bad mood.  Throw some steroids on top of that, and look out.  My poor little guy.  I felt so helpless as a mother. Thank heavens for cheeseburgers (that will make sense in a moment).  After Gary's pulse he lost it.  He lost it like I have never seem him lose it before.  I remember the very first time in the infusion center and listening to a young man screaming at the top of his lungs.  I could hardly believe it was us this time.  I don't remember what set him off but suddenly he was screaming stop it at everyone (me, the nurses, innocent bystanders).  He screamed with intense fury.  With great effort he swung, scratch, hit, pitched kicked anything he could get his hands on.  I was calm but in awe.  A small little guy with no hair and an ng tube in his nose was in the next room over.  Gary screamed with like fireworks on the forth of July,  "SHUT UP BABY!  SHUT UP!!!!!!"  

Oh my.

What do I do?  I tryed everything.  I tried hugging him.  No touching.  He eventually ended up on the floor, throwing himself about threatening to pull his IV out.  I asked the nurse to please double check the correct dose of steroids was given.   She quickly went to check.  It was the same as he has always gotten.  I then asked her to maybe page the doctors and see what they think.  He has been mad before and hard to deal with before, but nothing like this. 

Then the lunch tray came in.  I quickly snatched it from the nurse and lifted the top to show him his cheeseburger he had been asking for all morning.   I showed him the ketchup and how he could dip his fries in it.  He went from 90 miles an hour to about 25 miles an hour in 15 seconds. 

Cancel that page to the doctors. 

Now those were some serious steroid munchies.  I just needed something to reset the switch.  Thank you cheeseburger.

Angry Cheeseburger


  1. Awwww poor little guy! Your such a great mommy and you knew just what to do! He had some serious Steroid Munchies huh! Glad he settled after that! Is all o.k. now? Hope you get some rest.... LOL about the Angry Cheeseburger are toooo funny, you have to keep your humor when your going through so much....that is why I am so glad we have met and become blogger friends! You help me more than you ever will know :0)
    Hang in there....give hugs to Gary
    Summer :0)

  2. Oh Erika I feel for you with an understanding heart! I have totally been there! The longer Kya took infusions the worse it got! Kya would always say very mean things to everyone when she got mad and just scream at the top of her lungs! I thought it would get better as we went along, but it didn't they seemed to just make her angrier and angrier. Or she learned it was the only time in her life she could throw a fit like that and get by with it! I still haven't figured out which. At least cheeseburgers worked. We had days that we had m&m's, cheetohs, gummy bears, fruit snacks, and Pepsi before we finally would settle down. I will definitely be praying on infusion day!

    Thank you so much for the card! Kya opened it and won't let anyone else hold it. She says it is her little Gary and she has to take very good care of him. She could not wait to show her daddy the minute he walked through the door! It was too cute!

    Again keep up the good work! You are an awesome mom. Hang in there mama tiger!