Friday, November 6, 2009

Last Treatment

Today has been a day.  We knew it would be because it always is.  It actually started with a phone call from my bestest.  Her daughter had a seizure and spent the day at the hospital.    They are home now.  We did not have the chance to meet up with them.  I am glad for that.  Part of me was hoping to share a room though!  :)   Prayers for Kaylin are welcome. 

Gary is doing good.  I don't know what to make of his itching and irritability (well at least they don't) but his strength is great.  The doctors are thinking about this being the last cytoxan treatment.   This is good, and nerve racking.  I think it is nerve racking for them as well.  His levels are good.  He does however have elevated liver levels.  Predisone can cause that so they ran some other tests tonight to help determine if it is indeed from the steroid.  The rash on his face and on the inside of his hand that is not related to the disease, they think it may be yeast or maybe a form of eczema.  I asked about him being on steroids and the likely hood that a eczema rash would survive that.  She agreed it would not survive it.   I am not sure what to make of it.  It is spreading slowly over his face.  It is nothing dramatic but its there. 

My niece Bryanna came with us to the hospital.  Unfortunately they won't let her stay because of a recently changed  policy.  It is just as well.  She nearly fainted when Gary was getting his IV.  When it was all over I turned around.  There she was CORPSE color.  "What are you doing!?  Don't do that!"    All's I could think is that my sister is gonna kill me for not listening to her and sending her out while it was done.  LOL   Weenie.  One thing we learned, Bryanna is not cut out for nursing.   

As the rain pounds on our window and lightening dances across the sky here in Seattle, Gary and I will snuggle the night away in our hospital bed.


  1. I am so doing a happy dance for ya'll! I hope this means he is on his way to Remission! I will keep ya'll in our prayers as always and I will be praying for your bestie and her daughter!
    Summer :0)

  2. good morning Erika. Sounds like you had a great ending to a hectic day. I heard you had a lot of traffic to deal just to get there. We should also be praying for that officers family.
    I will keep Garys skin condition in my prayers and that they can find out the cause of that. Super job for paying close attention to your son's needs as you corrected the doctor on the eczema. You might have a profession in the medical field after all! Enjoy the weekend and hope today goes well for you and the rest of the family. Looking forward to meeting you all next week.

  3. I am so happy for you guys! I remember how excited and scared we were when we stopped treatments. I will be praying for you as I know the emotions you are going through. We will continue to pray for Gary that this strange rash will disappear. We also will pray for Kaylin. My best friend has seizures so I totally understand that situation!

    Once again I can't reinforce what a great mom you are and that you are watching is every move and change. Hang in there mama tiger!