Thursday, October 4, 2012


That month flew by, didn't it?

We are continuing on forward with the plan.  Methopred Infusions on Wednesday.  I am thinking that if we keep doing these, need to have them switched to Friday.  He needs about two days recovery time.

Gary's elbow is still healing.  It finally stopped drained last week.  We currently keep those band aids that form a bubble around the wound.  I am not sure I care for those but we will watch closely.

School has been a hit and miss.  Mostly miss.  I had a meeting with the teacher, speech, physical therapy, and counselor yesterday.  Nothing but wonderful.  I showed up with no make up.   It is my warrior look.  The school is accommodating, supportive, which pleases me.   I asked about him and attendance policy.  They assured me there will be no issue.  I do hope after we gently pull away the pulses, he will miss way less.    A low white cell count from the Cytoxan came back this week, so we went with caution and kept him out until it came back up.  We checked yesterday before the infusion of methopred.  Problem is the methopred and methotrexate make him feel sick so, another day.  They also had me stop an antibiotic because they believed it was contributing to the lower count.

I want to thank the unknown person who sent our family that wonderful gift in the mail.  I hope you know that you blessed our family in our time of need.   Making ends meet seems to be getting more and more difficult.  We had hoped things would be getting easier, but they are just not.  Because of you, I didn't have to worry how I was going to get Gary to the hospital.  We live 40 miles from the hospital so gas starts to become an issue during certain times in the pay period.  I pray blessings 10 fold over you and yours.  I know there are going to be changes coming for our family.  But my job is to make it as easy as possible on the kids.  Change is never easy, it is just a life lesson.  We have wonderful friends and family around us who keep our world spinning.  

I am heading to Baltimore next week.  Once again, ask and you shall receive.  Friends and family are making it possible for me to attend the Cure JM Conference in Baltimore.  I am excited.  A little nervous to leave Gary but he is in good hands.   Running the full marathon on Saturday with a few of my Cure JM Buddies.  I am honored to be running with my Blue Angel, Kelly.  She was there when I crossed the finish line in Austin in 2010.  It is going to be a great time.  The foundation is working hard to meet our fundraising goal.  I have received some pretty fantastic donations!  Thank you to all.   Donation Button over to the side bar>>>

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