Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Fun

350mg Methopred Infusion once a week.
Physical therapy once a week.
Took care of that limp.
He is still feeling the steroid effects.  Big time.

We are contending with a stubborn ear and sinus infection right now.  2 weeks of augmentin, with a move on to a Z-Pac and we will see.

"This is the best I have seen him look".    Do you know I have heard that so many times from the doctors.  You look good too, doc.  And don't even have millions of calcium deposits or are recovering from a tough couple months.   Yes, they are right.  But I really being the one that points out the obvious, reminds the masses, WHY he looks so so so great.  Don't forget,  the big cushion of steroid we have dumped into him over that past three months.  

On Thursday when we checked in, it was our last day of Augmentin.  He didn't even make it through the 2 weeks of being on that.  We still had one more day of it.  But it obvious he wasn't right.  He wasn't feeling good.  He seemed not right.   He seemed red.  He seemed more rashy.  I don't know if the infection in his ears is triggering that or what.  But that will soon be taking care of by the z pac.   Hopefully.

The Plan
So the plan is to proceed with Cytoxan.  I don't know for how long.  Can't say I like it.   But at this point we are playing by the rules.  MOVE SLOW.  He is stable.   So no one move to fast to spook JDM.  We are spacing out the methopred infusions every 10 tens, instead of every 7.  Labs are great.  Strength is 98.9%.  Rash, pretty good.  Nail folds, excellente compared to the past, calcinosis, no change, nothing bigger.  Elbow is closed.   Still healing.   That has been a slow process.  

Our infusion was a little rough.  He ended throwing up at the end of IVIG and got red rashy, complained about his elbow.  I told them to give him more benadryl.  More zofran.   He slept into the evening, then we were able to finally go home.  It is so nice when you get your own room.   And because of last months mistake, they made it up to me.  My favorite nurse, my own room.  

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