Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Enbrel Shot Number 4

Gary takes his 4th shot this week.  Initial review of how its going.  Very well.  I am so excited for clinic next week.  I am not sure if it works that fast but I have noticed the calcium on the backs of his legs have decreased.  He seems to be feeling pretty good.  His skin looks great.  We finally kicked the thrush.  The lanzoprosal we put him on doesn't seem to be helping with the hoarse voice but he couldn't handle the full 10ml.  I am going to work up to it before I officially say its not helping.  The shots are getting better too.  He is one tough guy.  But don't tell him that.  It makes him mad.  I am so happy to be back down to 1ml steroids.  Change in sleep, appetite, tantrums.  Thank goodness.  He is getting so big.  I admit I am cautiously optimistic because Rituxan had this effect of him.  It was like a honeymoon phase.  I even remember posting something about pom poms and I was so excited that this was it, the miracle drug.  It didn't turn out to be it but thats ok.  Maybe enbrel is it.

We had a wonderful weekend at the CURE JM Concert in Hillsboro.


  1. Ericka,
    YAY for good news Enbrel does work slightly quickly I know little girl KElc's friend who is on it as well and it works wonders for her JRA and it worked quickly for me for awhile so I bet this will be it I am sure of it!! I wanted to share that while I was in the hospital with all the craziness chills, fever nausea, vein blowouts well you get the idea the hubs would always say you can do this little Gary does this you can do this...little Gary is a part of our lives and we don't even know yall yet I feel we do and our the closes friends and he has such a special place in my heart as do you friend. I pray Enbrel is the drug for him....

    love you

  2. My experience with Embrel is it can work pretty fast, it did with me. And I kept seeing improvement for up to one year then it leveled off.

    Praying this works and you see great results.