Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Checking IN

Summer is in full swing.  We are busy.  I completed my marathon here in Seattle.  I am still working on writing up my race review.  We had a great forth of July.  Gary is doing good.  He has been grumpy.  His personality is off.  He seems very angry these past couple days.  Our next clinic check in is next week.  Today we see the voice doctor. His voice has been doing better.  But I am certainly not going to pass on the appointment.  We have had to give him his nystatin for his thrush at full doses this past week.  He has been waking up with white gums.  They are covered in thrush.  But that is also getting better now.  Calcinosis.  Hmm.  What do I say about it.  I don't know.  It's still there.  I thought it looked a little more grainy on the outside of his neck.  Maybe on the inside of his thighs it feels less solid.  He has some off his tail bone that has increased in size.  His cuticles are clearing up.  Still has a jagged a couple nails but overall good.  He has been a little more tired but energy levels are still up there.  He fell asleep face up, like some kind of crime victim, on the garage floor over at Aunties and Uncles.  They came and got me,  and there he was, asleep.   He kept complaining to his cousin, "I so tired".   I think someone is growing bigger : ).   This weekend we have Mommies STP race. The kids are excited because we booked a hotel with a pool.  Remember Mommie kids as you float around for the day, as Mommie pedals 200 miles : )  Excited!   Wanna know what I am not excited for?  That next clinic appointment.  I know all will be fine and I am totally over last months appointment discussion but its still a little stressful.

On the fourth of July, we went up to a pool and swam, played games for the day.  I was in charge of sunblock.  So I had a few different kinds,  and I constantly layer up Gary.   Everyone was putting it on because sun burns are no fun.  Well the can of sunblock  made by Aveeno, Sweat proof, Water Proof, 70 spi or whatever it is,  failed.  Everyone who swam was burnt.  Luckily, I usually layer Gary up with more than one kind.  So he didn't burn.  He also had his sun shirt and big hat on so that helped.  Who knew sunblock might not work.

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