Sunday, December 6, 2009

So maybe he needed a pulse of steroid...

Yesterday Gary was feeling much better.  So much better that the pesky rash around his mouth and eyes is a lot better.  It looks like it has faded.  This is so great, and not so great in my mind.  It is great it's better, but it is not so great that he actually needed it.   I was really hoping he wouldn't.  I am sure we will find out next week if he will continue to need pulses?  He also didn't do any itching last night.   He slept a bit better than usual last night.  The night before was hard but he wasn't sleeping because of itching.  He needed to hold his balloon.  Every time the balloon slipped out of his hand, he woke back up freaking out for me to get the balloon.  Steroids can make kids a little crazy.  He is so cute.  We were watching Calliou for the millionth time, but a new episode.  This episode was about Calliou going to school.  Calliou hugs his Mom good bye and goes to school.  Gary turns around to mimic what he had just seen.  Then BURSTS out crying at the thought of having to leave his Mommie.   I had been entertaining the idea of getting a part time job again like I had before when Gary got sick.  To help out with finances.   Guess that won't be happening any time soon.   I couldn't bare to put him through anything like that right now.  He has to go thru enough. 

Summer, thank you for your comments.  I really love getting your point of view on everything.  You are wonderful.  I hope you feel better soon.


  1. Your sooo welcome! I am so glad we have met through the blogger world, I just wish it was different circumstances for me and your little Gary! I'm glad my point of view helps! I to have this junk.... and it stinks! I am glad the steroid pulses are working for him! I know this is not what you want, it stinks! I know the feeling all to well taking one step forward and then two steps back! We will all get in Remission one day! You are such a good mommy! Oh and Calliou OMG my little girl watches him sooo much I think I dream of that kid Ha! Ha! Seriously sometimes I'm like please something else.... anything else Ha! Ha!
    Summer :0)

  2. good evening Erika,
    Glad to hear that Gary is feeling better now. It is good that your mothers heart is for healing your son. I know that getting off steroids might be your plan for Gary, but what exactly is a steroid pulse?? Sounds to me like that helped him through the night and day so far, so maybe that will be part of the healing process. I am not a doctor and I defer to the nurse I married when it comes to me even taking Ibuprofen :o)

    Hope you have a great couple of weeks heading into Christmas. If you make it down to Oregon, please let me know and I will do my best to make the trip enjoyable and memorable too.

  3. I am so sorry that you had to deal with all of that Friday, but I am glad that Gary is doing so much better! I understand how hard that is to get your hopes up and then your bubble is popped while you are floating around. I am glad that the pulse helped his strange rash. I think of you guys everyday. I just hate that these kids are having to go through all of this and deal with the emotions. As for the pulse moodiness I am here for you sister! I hated dealing with that every week. I remember telling Lake that it was worse than PMS! You are definitely in our prayers. Kya may not pray for anyone else, but Gary is always mentioned. Sorry I haven't posted or commented lately, but I am trying to get ready for 2 Christmas musicals Sunday. We have made 9 sheep costumes and 8 other shepherd costumes! I am ready for the plays to be over, but not quite yet!!!

    Hang in there Mama Tiger! You are an amazing person!