Saturday, March 30, 2013



Your not the one.

I tried.  I know we have only been in a relationship since December.  Harshly enough, we are breaking up.  You don't block muscle weakness.

Buh bye.  I will handing in my next resignation very very soon.  Kiss it too the.............phew.    

When family members notice strength isn't what it was.   When weird rashes appear that you try to explain away.  You make me grieve.

Conversation:  "We should sign Gary up for baseball."     "Yeah I don't know.   It's too sunny and he seems, not all the way."


Gary ended up in my bed one night last week.  I woke to him tapping me.  In a whisper, "Mom, do you think I am going to pass away?  What would happen if I did?".   In my light sleep, "don't, I would be so sad."

But if you need to some day.  I don't want you to be in pain because of me.

But know, we will FIGHT.  I will drag you there if I have to baby!  F to the U JDM.  That is F to the U to the returning muscle weakness.   To the labs that don't relieve themselves.  Oh, I got this.

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