Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Pulse

Forgot to Post this.....
Another pulse and this boy is a mini man. He could move mountains. Wish it didn't take steroids to get him there. Hunger keeps him awake at night. Think that why I have been wanting to nap during the day. Cuticles look pretty good. They are still showing signs of capillary change but the anger is subsiding. Our doctor called on Tuesday to talk it all out with me. I told over weekend he was fabulous. I said the 500mgs of steroids works nicely. Monday he complained here and there of trouble getting off the floor. A little tired but good. I said I was on the fence about whether he needed another round. She immediately replied if your on the fence then do is his disease. Well, let's push that little bully off the fence. (speaking of Jdm not my son). Of course after my lip and moments after I may had something different to say, but it was short lived.

Tears. Fear. Sad. Scared.
I think back to my daughter and oldest son. Elexis is ten, McGuire 13. How different this child has been. Elexis did two years of pre school. She was strong, smart, sassy, full of energy. Mommie did cartwheels when this wee one went to school. I didn't worry about her. McGuire, he had been in pre school since age of three. I did worry some about him because he was always a step behind the rest but Gary, Gary will be my ultimate final heart wrenching last to enter into kindergarten. We met with the school today after physical therapy. They wanted to meet him to see exactly what they needed to do for him the best they can. It was very helpful for me knowing they care. They are taking his health and his education seriously. He drew some pictures for them. He did great. Copied a triangle, a plus sign, and a square perfectly. His cutting was up to par as far as they could tell. He even put down the first letter of his name! Around and hook it back is how we make G. I also told them he had experience with smiley faces.  Now onto immunizations.

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