Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is it working?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It always comes with, I can hardly believe another year is in the books.  Life is going by so fast.

Gary is doing pretty good.  We had our IVIG infusion one week away from the last dose of Rituxan.  Aunt Amy was asked to come this time so she did.  We told Auntie it would only be a half day.  It turned into a full day.  : ( Sorry Auntie.  This infusion was a little rough on Gary.  I think the back to back infusion made him less tolerable.  For whatever strange reason, he could taste it.  Every time they flushed his IV.  Every time they started a new medicine, he could taste it.  He would wince, grab his tongue and say yuckie!

I can only recall a few infusions where Gary did not fall asleep.  We have another one.  At the end of the infusion, he started having a reaction.  The first sign was irritable.  He was laying in the chair.  The nurse bent around him pinching his leg.  That set him off.  He tried to cry but went into complaining he was hot.  We didn't think much of it.  He said it again.  I took his blankets away and still didn't think much of it.  The IV came out we were ready to walk out when he complained again and began to scream.  I ripped his shirt off to cool him down.  His skin was red and blotchy.  Great.  The IV was already out.  Got to be kidding me.
They called rheumatology right away.  The gave him a big syringe full of benadryl.  His blood pressure was high and so was his heart rate.  The nurse came in and said they needed us to stay another hour.

The benadryl worked like a charm.  The next few days that followed were tough.  He was sick for 4 or 5 days with headaches and diarrhea.

As Christmas rolled around his color had not gotten any better.

He is better though now.  I was very close to having his levels checked.  But I remember the past where is color gets really awful.  They have never treated his color so I didn't take him in.

Tomorrow we have a dentist appointment.  Next infusion is Jan. 11.

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  1. Gary sure has been having it rough, and so have you.

    Praying and praying for Gary. Hang in there Erika, it is tough but you can do this!