Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Weekend

So Gary has been doing really good.   He had a much better weekend then he did last weekend and this past week.  His skin looks really good.  So I am feeling better.  He still has a hoarse voice but his energy and walking up the steps have improved over the past few days.   Welcome to my roller coaster ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My husband and I agreed to watch him this week, see if he maintains his improvements.  I wonder if his levels improved.  Not sure it works that way but we are feeling a little better at least.  I still think it is important to run the Rituxan again.  I am assuming they want to do the infusion again because those b cells are back.  If they are not back, depending on how he does this week, I would like to think its ok to hold off.  But then again, what if its the good ol, its not what I can see, it's what I don't see.  From Fear to Fun, back to fun then rear ended by fear again.   What would you do?

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