Monday, April 19, 2010

A Year Ago Today

Today is April 19, 2010.  It was a year ago this day that the symptoms of Juvenile Dermatomyositis appeared.  Someone needs to come up with some protocol on what to do with these anniversaries.  I say celebrate.  Not celebrating the fact its a rare autoimmune disease or all the hospital stays.  I say celebrate we have made it thru it.  I think I will get him a cupcake.  Something that says, "good job baby, none of this is easy and you are so brave."   We also have D Day.  Diagnosis day.  Yes! We will be celebrating both.

His lips felt funny because they were swollen so he kept flexing them.  

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  1. I love it! It is a happy & sad day. Happy that you have come so far and sad because they have to battle this ugly disease daily! I say celebrate to the fullest! (However, after watching Alice in Wonderland lately we have decided that we like celebrating our 364 unbirthdays better than 1 birthday a year!) We just like an excuse to eat cake!!!

    I have always told my kids they are one in a million and with this disease they truly are!!! More importantly you are a wonderful mother and you know when the signs began. Hang in there Mama Tiger! We are right there with you.